Create a 2-3 minute short video.

We will have the final critique in class on Thursday, Dec. 6th, so please have it ready by the beginning of class so we can watch them.


Tues Oct 30: Propose 2 ideas / Shooting

Thurs Nov 1: Shooting / Editing

Tues Nov 6: Editing

Thurs Nov 8: Editing / View Rough Cuts

Tues Nov 13: Final Version Due


DUE: By the end of class of Thursday

Emphasis Exercise

Practice emphasizing the subject with these techniques. The subject can be anything, object or person. Pay special attention to composition and remember the goal is to emphasize the subject. You can shoot short video clips or still photos, whichever you prefer. Try at least 5 of these:

1. Lighting (Light on the subject with a dark background)

2. Color (Position the subject against a contrasting color)

3. Framing (Frame within a frame)

4. Movement (Have the subject enter a static shot)

5. Zoom (Zoom in on the subject)

6. Isolation (Position the subject in an empty space)

7. Depth of Field (Out of focus background or foreground)


Art 300: Digital Technologies in Art, Fall 2012

Instructor: David Callaghan

Email: dtc1950@csun.edu

Website: art300.tumblr.com

Class time: T/R 2:00 - 4:45 in AC 401

Office hours: T/R 4:45 - 5:15 in AC 401

CSUN Catalog Description:

Exploration of the use of digital media in art and design. Provides practical experience in designing digital media.

Course Overview:

Students will use digital video cameras and Apple’s Final Cut Pro software to create short videos. Through practical exercises and class discussions we will develop an understanding of key concepts in video. Students will further explore the concepts and techniques while working on larger projects.

Course Student Learning Outcomes:

1. Students will develop knowledge and understanding of key concepts and theories in video art production through class discussion and critique.

2. Students will develop expressive abilities in video art through practical exercises and projects.

3. Students will synthesize practical skills and conceptual knowledge from multiple disciplines and traditions to create complete artistic statements in video projects.

Art Department Program Goals Addressed in this Course:

1. Basic Skills - To develop a foundation of art knowledge, theories, skills, craftsmanship and technologies, where ideas and concepts are communicated in writing, speaking, and art making.

2. Critical Thinking - To analyze, interpret, and question traditional methodologies and notions of art and art making through the process of generating and solving problems.

3. Interdisciplinary Connections - To explore and engage in interdisciplinary forms of art making.

4. Collaboration - To encourage individual and collaborative art experiences among students, faculty, and community.

Required Supplies:

Any type of video camera


1. Student work will be assigned letter grades. Final grades in the course will be determined as follows:

25% Attendance & Participation

25% Exercises

50% Projects

2. Attendance is mandatory.

3. Late work can be submitted up to one week after the due date, with a late penalty of one letter grade.

4. Students are expected to exhibit professional attitudes and practices in accordance with CSUN’s Student Code of Conduct, and to adhere to CSUN’s official policies in regards to plagiarism.

Course Topics and Schedule (subject to change):

Week 1: Camera Lens Exercise

Week 2: Camera Angle Exercise

Week 3: Camera Motion Exercise

Week 4: PROJECT 1

Week 5: PROJECT 1

Week 6: Editing Exercise

Week 7: Location Exercise

Week 8: Lighting Exercise

Week 9: PROJECT 2

Week 10: PROJECT 2

Week 11: Post-production Exercise

Week 12: Sound Design Exercise

Week 13: PROJECT 3

Week 14: PROJECT 3

Week 15: PROJECT 3